This interactive guide will help you develop a Learning Driven Assessment for a portfolio of programs.

As you start, think about the portfolio of programs you plan to assess. Consider the following questions. You will have the opportunity to create an overview of your program based on these questions in just a moment.

  • What are the program activities and who are the target constituents?
  • What does the program seek to achieve and how does it plan to do so?
  • What are the process(es) through which social change is expected to occur?
  • What is the target long term, sustainable change attributable to the program?
  • What sector does the program focus on? (e.g. health, education, food security)
  • What is the geographic location where the program takes place?
  • Have you made a multi-year commitment to this program? What is the length of the program in years and months?
  • What is the total budget for this program?
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